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The NHS is under siege.
Expectations – from the public, from government and from employees – have created a situation which would be difficult enough without the added complication of our nation’s ageing population.

In the face of thousands more people suffering from chronic and debilitating disease, this estimable institution is underfunded, under scrutiny and faced with increasingly complex decision-making.

That decision-making has led to superficial tinkering when information system changes are required, or alternatively ‘whole system’ solutions which effectively write off previous investments. Neither solution is ideal nor is there a magic bullet.

But there is InfoFlex.
InfoFlex is an information management software tool dedicated to managing and improving patient pathways and treatment processes within the NHS.

However, it does so differently.
Instead of imposing a “system”, InfoFlex is modelled to fit the needs of the clinicians, IT staff and management who will use it.

Easy to upgrade and integrate, it will evolve with changing practice and personnel. And, critically, it puts tools in the hands of its users to adapt and tailor it further.

InfoFlex is used by over 130 NHS trusts. It offers a truly transformational and future-proof software platform that can cope with an unlimited number of variables and data points, providing the flexibility to change and upgrade to new requirements with minimal disruption.

Where other systems fall down or simply fail to provide a clinically acceptable level of support, InfoFlex has successfully filled the gap. But more than that, in very complex areas of medicine such as oncology, where bigger systems are too rigid, InfoFlex is ahead of the curve in enabling superior and tailored solutions including remote monitoring and supported self-management.

Supported by a strong team of dedicated health information experts, systems consultants and account managers whose service commitment is second to none, InfoFlex is able to provide trustwide capabilities, working with ePRs to fully match treatment with clinical need.

And it’s here, now.


The InfoFlex product has been developed, refined and sold, principally into the NHS, since 1996.

Throughout this period the business has successfully marketed, distributed, implemented and maintained InfoFlex for its NHS customer base which now exceeds 130 trusts. More recently the company has worked with hospices, CCGs, special Vanguard and STP projects, enterprise partners and in overseas markets.

InfoFlex, the trading name for CIMS, has attained accreditation for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 – both standards that are subject to strict verification via annual audit and review by external organisations.

The team is solid and with wide experience of working within the NHS. The majority of InfoFlex staff have completed more than 10 years’ service with many fast approaching 20 years. Staff turnover is almost non-existent: in the past seven years only one permanent member of staff has left the business. The team, now approaching 50 in number, continues to expand.

InfoFlex’s presence in the UK Healthcare market and overseas continues to grow year-on-year, with incremental business from existing customers and the addition of business with new customers. Since launch, InfoFlex has built up:

  • Extensive experience in the design and implementation of information systems
  • Relationships with end users to enable implementation of systems that follow information flows and local work practices, ensuring systems work effectively and meet information requirements
  • Customers with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement their own clinically based information system
  • Customers’ ability to change and enhance designs as information needs and reporting requirements change over time, without dependence upon third party or in-house programming skills
  • A highly effective Software Services Support Team which provides telephone support via our help desk

InfoFlex has grown to support more clinical specialties and to be used in more NHS Trusts than clinical systems from any other provider. With more than 40,000 users of these systems, supporting millions of patients, it represents a business that is SuperFit for purpose, now and for the future.


The InfoFlex team

InfoFlex was developed in 1996 and now boasts a team with hands-on experience of Clinical Information Systems within the NHS, as well as familiarity with some of the frustrations that can arise with poorly-conceived external solutions. Their aim was to create software that is functional, flexible and simple to install, learn and use. And – critically – that benefits patients.

The team believe now, as then, that better data is the pathway to better health.

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