Case studies

SuperFit for purpose

Case studies

InfoFlex offers flexibility and simplicity unmatched by other software systems. It provides tangible benefits to patients, clinicians and trusts amongst others. Here are some case studies that provide a deeper, more detailed insight into its attributes.

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust- FFT questionnaire

InfoFlex FFT questionnaire dramatically improves patient response rate at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust- Multiple Sclerosis solution

The design of an up-to-date MS solution is well under way at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Endoscopy e-referral

InfoFlex web design enables innovative Endoscopy team to progress towards realisation of an area-wide referral system.

Irish National Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Audit System

InfoFlex partners with DMF in Ireland to deliver the contract for the Irish National ICU Audit System.

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw STP – Inter-trust messaging

Speedier and more secure sharing of cancer patient data across 5 trusts

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust – Live typing MDTs and other developments within Cancer Services

Cancer patients, clinicians and administrative staff benefit from continuing developments enabled by InfoFlex

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Cancer Patient Tracking

InfoFlex cancer patient tracking system facilitates patient management and mandatory reporting

North Cumbria Clinical Portal

Improved patient care and clinician efficiency

West Herts – Trustwide integrated clinical system

Improved ability to meet evolving clinical support needs across multiple specialties

Torbay and South Devon – Workflow management and clinical handover

Clinical teams can quickly and efficiently see the full patient picture

Royal Devon – PSA Tracker

Improved monitoring of patients in post-cancer treatment phase

Dorset – IBD PMS

Improved ability to provide patients with tailored care

Derby – Electronic Operative Notes

Electronic operative notes Improve efficiency and communication of surgical information

Plymouth – Rheumatology

Improved data handling; increased efficiency and patient safety

Manchester – Integration and Interfacing

Improved access to patient information

Hospice Web Portal

Improved remote data entry and portability