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InfoFlex offers flexibility and simplicity unmatched by other software systems.
It provides tangible benefits to patients, clinicians and trusts amongst others. Here are some case studies that provide a deeper, more detailed insight into the benefits.

See how InfoFlex can help improve efficiency and make savings within specific departmental areas and across the organisation.

Find out how InfoFlex supports ‘joined up healthcare’ across the community with its strength in integration and interoperability.

Find out how processes can be streamlined, how outcomes can be improved, and how the patient pathway is better managed.

See how InfoFlex can support areas not addressed by many systems, integrating smoothly into existing IM&T infrastructures.

See what benefits InfoFlex can bring to your patients, keeping them healthier, happier and, most importantly, out of hospital.

Browse the full portfolio of case studies to see the wide range of benefits InfoFlex can bring with its power and flexibility.