InfoFlex Remote Monitoring Solution


The InfoFlex Remote Monitoring solution uniquely caters for all clinical specialties including cancer. InfoFlex is currently used by many trusts and cancer alliances to support shared care and all elements of the LWBC agenda. Solutions for breast, colorectal, prostate, bladder and gynae are available now, providing a fully integrated solution that can cater for a whole healthcare region or an individual trust. All other tumour types are being implemented, including: lung, skin, head and neck, brain, pancreatic, sarcoma, upper GI, renal and haematology. The solution provided includes a fully integrated patient portal to support the shared care agenda across the whole healthcare community.


If the customer is already using InfoFlex for Cancer Tracking and National Reporting, InfoFlex can extend this to include the Remote Monitoring designs. InfoFlex’s digital Remote Monitoring solution is configured to meet the local data collection and reporting needs of the customer and does not require programming. It can be integrated with all trust core systems (PAS, pathology, radiology, PACS…) and it can also be implemented to support third-party cancer tracking and national reporting solutions.


InfoFlex consultants work with the customer, whether that’s an individual Trust, a Cancer Alliance or an STP, to design and implement an InfoFlex Remote Monitoring solution that meets the customer’s specific requirements.


Please view our Patient Stratification and Follow up Solutions Presentation to discover more about the InfoFlex Remote Monitoring Solution.