NHSX, charged with overseeing the digital transformation of the health and social care systems, held a listening event with digital health innovators in July.

The listening exercise and subsequent NHXS report focused on the following themes: Standards, Procurement, Approach and Scale, Engagement and Digital Capability.

HTN  (Health Tech Newspaper) asked industry leaders for their views on the report. In his response Marc Warburton, InfoFlex CEO, made the following points:

“Standards are fundamental in a multi-systems environment and the lack of their adoption acts as a barrier to implementing innovative solutions that are not going to remain in silos but to offer truly patient-based integrated care solutions.

The implementation of these standards, however, is slowed by suppliers that do not see the need to implement them as soon as possible. As a result, innovation is prevented.

Procurement processes have changed very little over the years and are primarily focused on delivering solutions in silos – they do not encourage innovation to support integrated care. The introduction of an “Innovation Greenhouse Lot” is a positive move forward if it enables innovative solutions to be promoted and scaled up, but this approach will rely on standards being applied. There is a dependence between the five top themes identified which requires all of these themes to be addressed if the innovation required to support integrated care is to happen.”