The following comments were made by Marc Warburton, InfoFlex CEO, in Part 2 of the HTN (Health Tech Newspaper) Health Tech Predictions 2020 series. HTN asked health technology leaders for their predictions about the challenges and foci in their field in 2020.

Marc Warburton, Chief Executive, InfoFlex

Implementing IT solutions that go beyond the traditional departmental and organisational boundaries is the main challenge for 2020. Allowing clinical data to be shared by clinicians across the healthcare community as well as by patients is key to initiatives such as the Living With and Beyond Cancer project. The ability to provide a single solution that brings together the different needs of patients and clinicians and which supports shared care is essential if better use of scarce healthcare resources is to be realised. With many InfoFlex projects currently underway to support this need for shared care across a wide range of clinical areas, 2020 will begin to see a move away from the clinical data silos that only support part of the care processes.

The key challenge to make integrated care a reality is to move away from the perception that clinical systems are there to meet individual clinical departmental needs. Clinical systems need to be implemented from the perspective of the patient care pathway, which is not limited to a single specialty or organisational boundary.