The next customer release includes InfoFlex Analytics within the Data Entry module. InfoFlex Analytics allows for a new type of item that can show bar charts, line charts, scatter diagrams and pie charts within data entry to help display and visualise patterns of data. The charts will be particularly helpful when viewing data gathered over a period of time or over several contacts with a patient.

The functionality allows InfoFlex users to add one or more charts to events. A chart item can be added to a panel (e.g. patient demographics) in a similar way to dates, values and coded items.

Example scenarios where the charts can be used are:

  • Pathology tests such as repeated blood test results
  • Recording blood pressures at each contact
  • Recording changes in weight and/or Body Mass Index (BMI) at each contact

However, there are no limits to the InfoFlex data that can be used and these are just some ideas.

Charts can also be placed into documents to graph results per subject and in reports to graph results across many subjects; for example a pie chart showing the breakdown of ‘source of referral’ across different patients.