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InfoFlex licensing

There is an annual fee per licence or block of licences which can be PC based or concurrent user based. The concurrent basis is particularly useful where users may need to use InfoFlex in multiple locations.

Where a customer wishes to use InfoFlex extensively in their organisation, licences can be purchased for use across a trust/enterprise. For organisation-wide licence pricing contact us.

InfoFlex prices are discounted as the volume of licences increase. InfoFlex prices are also discounted according to length of contract. The longer the contractual commitment, the lower the price becomes. Prices can also be discounted according to payment profile which may be annual subject to RPI, one-off up-front payment for the licence term, or fixed annual payments under a finance agreement.

The widest possible use of InfoFlex is encouraged, from an individual clinical department, through a Trust or a Cancer Network, to a CCG or STP. The wider the use of InfoFlex, the lower the cost per PC or user.

The annual fee covers the annual InfoFlex licence plus the support service. Customers can obtain as many or as few licences as they need. Additional licences can be acquired as and when the number of users of InfoFlex increases.

Licence calculator

Number of PCs
Number of years
Cost per annum
Cost per PC per annum
Number of concurrent users
Number of years
Cost per annum
Cost per annum per concurrent user
Number of active users (up to)
Number of Years
Cost per annum
Cost per annum per active user

For further information or to speak to a sales person, call +44 (0)1923 896939.

Pricing matrix

InfoFlex licences are charged per PC. The system designs are FREE to licensed users. This is possible because CIMS does not seek to claim IPR to clinical designs or patient care pathways.
Our customers may freely transfer system designs to or from other licensed users.
Thus very cost effective, value for money, speedily implemented clinical systems are immediately available.

LicencesPrice per annum for a 1 year contractPrice per annum for a 7 year contractPrice per user for a 7 year contract
Single InfoFlex PC licence£1,397£908£908
Block of 10 licences£11,599£7,539£754
Block of 100 licences£102,012£66,307£663
Block of 200 licences£192,844£125,348£627
Block of 400 licences£318,612£207,097£518
Block of 600 licences£427,610£277,946£463
Trustwide licence – up to 1,000 users£434,623£282,505£283
Trustwide licence – from 1,001 to 1,500 users£543,279£353,131£235
Trustwide licence – from 1,501 to 2,000 users£651,935£423,757£212
Trustwide licence – up to 5,000 users£977,902£635,636£127

Alternative licensing for a concurrent user base

Sample of prices for InfoFlex concurrent licencesPrice per annum for a 1 year contractPrice per annum for a 7 year contract
10 concurrent licences £43,041£27,976
25 concurrent licences£102,012£66,307
50 concurrent licences £192,844£125,348
100 concurrent licences£318,612£207,097
250 concurrent licences£434,623£282,505
500 concurrent licences£651,935£423,757
1250 concurrent licences£977,902£635,636