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InfoFlex Breast Cancer Stratified Pathways Solution Webinars

InfoFlex is running live webinars on its Breast Cancer Stratified Pathways solution on Wednesday, 12th December 2018 and Tuesday, 15th January 2019

InfoFlex ICHOM

CIMS, as an ICHOM TechHub partner, supports all Standard Sets

LWBC Workshop 6th June 2018

InfoFlex Cancer Workshop.

InfoFlex Go Lives 2018

The InfoFlex projects and interfaces delivered by CIMS and in use by our customers so far this year.

InfoFlex Go Lives 2017

This year, the following projects and interfaces have been delivered and are now in use by our customers:

Remote Monitoring: a significant opportunity to improve the experience of prostate cancer patients at Leicester’s Hospitals

The InfoFlex Remote Monitoring system has enabled the Urology department at Leicester’s Hospitals to go a significant way towards providing the care closer to home.

InfoFlex New Functionality Overview – May 2017

CIMS is preparing for the May 2017 release of InfoFlex with a number of additions and enhancements.

New Release to Include InfoFlex Analytics

InfoFlex Analytics allows for a new type of item that can show bar charts, line charts, scatter diagrams and pie charts within data entry to help display and visualise patterns of data.

Web-based innovation facilitates key nurse-patient discussions at Leicester’s Hospitals

Tumour site specific Clinical Nurse Specialists across Leicester’s Hospitals are finding that the InfoFlex eHNA (electronic Holistic Needs Assessment) has greatly improved the way in which they are able to support patients through their Cancer Pathway.

CIMS works with researchers at Warwick Medical School and PCUK to develop Chat-P, a prostate specific eHNA and Care Planning tool.

InfoFlex was chosen as the platform on which to develop a prostate specific eHNA and Care Planning tool as part of research into the feasibility and acceptability of the use of technology in a supported self-management programme.

Electronic operative notes at Royal Derby Hospital

Improved communication of surgical information.