SuperFit for purpose


University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – InfoFlex Remote Monitoring for Lymphoma and Breast Cancer

University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust – InfoFlex Colorectal Remote Monitoring. Pilot of InfoFlex Remote Monitoring for Prostate and Breast Cancer.

Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust – InfoFlex Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Management System


Barts Health NHS Trust – InfoFlex Colposcopy System Merger between Newham and Barts


Pilgrims Hospices – InfoFlex Scheduler

Community Outpatients – InfoFlex Dermatology 2 Week Wait Tracking


Croydon Health Services Trust – InfoFlex Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centre Pathway

Homerton University Hospital Foundation NHS Trust – InfoFlex Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Management System

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – InfoFlex Endoscopy

Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust – InfoFlex Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Management System.

Pilgrims Hospices –  InfoFlex Web Portal including: new patient dashboard, new community episodes and Hospice @ Home pages


St George’s Healthcare Trust – InfoFlex Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centre Pathway

Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust – InfoFlex Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centre Pathway

Bart’s Health Trust – InfoFlex Hysteroscopy

Homerton University Hospital – InfoFlex Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Management System

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – First phase of InfoFlex Endoscopy including a clinical system for recording endoscopy procedures, endoscopy scheduler for appointments and image capture. The system was implemented over only 12 weeks with work on the second phase beginning during the summer.

IBD Registry – InfoFlex Data Visualisation tool

Royal Brompton and Harefield – Document linking process. InfoFlex documents in pdf format can be forwarded to a third party system where users can view these documents in a simple document viewer. There is a further project to convert historic documents into the new format, to be completed later in the year.


Croydon Health Services NHS Trust – InfoFlex Remote Monitoring for Breast Cancer Services, Prostate Cancer Services and Colorectal Remote Monitoring

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust – HL7 interface to PAS for patient demographics and cancer referrals

University College London Hospitals (UCLH) – InfoFlex Endoscopy Scheduler design for attendance and booking

Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust – HL7 interface for cancer referrals and specifically data that forms part of the Two Week Wait data set.


University of Warwick ICARE-P – A study to test whether the online assessment system (CHAT-P developed with CIMS) can help men living with or after prostate cancer to link up with their clinical teams, improve patient outcomes and experience and help the NHS to use its resources more effectively.  To read more about the study see our news item here and the ICARE-P spring newsletter here.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust – An HL7 demographic interface to PAS to replace the query response interface.

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust – InfoFlex Endoscopy web referrals

Southampton General Hospital – The VEST project as an add-on to the Inflammatory Bowel Disease web site. This clinical observation study aims to capture the experience of Vedolizumab, which has been recently licensed for use in the management of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.


Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust – Demographic interface and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Management System

University Hospitals of Leicester – Remote Monitoring and Pathology interface