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Training courses

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User guides

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Release notes

All InfoFlex major releases have accompanying release notes that can be downloaded here.

Training courses

InfoFlex provide a Five-Day Standard InfoFlex System Manager Training Course. Additional optional and advanced courses are also available. The courses are primarily aimed at core trainers and InfoFlex System Managers, but the Data Analysis and Data Entry courses are also suitable for end users.

Please speak to your Account Manager or get in touch to find out which course is most appropriate for you.

The courses are delivered in sequence, with each course requiring knowledge gained in earlier courses. Each course should only be attended by users who have completed its pre-requisite courses. See the course details for further information.

General Information:
  • Each training course is run by an InfoFlex Consultant for a maximum of six people. This allows trainees to discuss the course content whilst still benefitting from the trainer’s individual attention
  • InfoFlex Consultants always deliver a full day of training. The courses listed are combined or split as necessary to comprise a full day. Half days of training are delivered by special arrangement only
  • The courses comprise instruction and practical exercises
  • All courses are carried out with a specially-designed generic training database. This enables users to become aware of the full range of InfoFlex functionality
  • All InfoFlex courses are accompanied by full documentation and all courses and materials are audited for quality
  • Each trainee receives an InfoFlex Training Certificate on completion of the course.

Give us a call on +44 (0)1923 890700 to find out more about training options, courses, and support documentation available to you.

Five day standard InfoFlex system manager training course

These courses are all aimed primarily at Core Trainers and System Managers. However, the Data Analysis and Data Entry courses are also suitable for end users.

The courses listed in this section comprise the initial five day course which covers the core InfoFlex functionality:
CourseLengthPre-requisite knowledgeTopics covered
Data entry

Delivered during project implementation
None- Navigation and screen layout
- Selecting data view and dictionaries
- Subject searching
- Viewing subjects implementation
- Adding
- Adding new patients
- Generating documents
- Deleting
Design management

Days 1 & 2
2 daysNone

Both days must be attended
- Terminology and concepts
- Navigation
- Domain definitions
- Code list manager
– Dictionaries
– Formula builder
– Image items
– Validations
– Data view definitions
– Archiving and deleting rules
– Actions and button actions
– Panel layouts
– Subject search queries
Query Design Manager (QDM) and analysis

Days 3
1 dayDesign management 1 & 2QDM
- Introduction to queries
- and query groups in QDM
- Navigation
- Defining views, filters
- and queries
- Extract add-on
- Intro to query parameters
- Calculations and functions
- in views and filters
- Exporting data from QDM
Analysis Module
- Dynamic query mode
- Predefined Query mode
- Grid functionality
- Exporting from analysis
- Extract add- on
- Pivot tables
Report and document definition

Day 4
1 dayDesign management 1 & 2
- Navigation in document and report definition
- Process and planning
- Creating templates and template syntax
- Simple mapping of documents
– Mapping queries to reports
– Previewing documents and reports
– Adding documents and reports to data views
– InfoFlex report viewer
Summary Views

Day 5
Half dayDesign management 1 & 2
- Usage
- Defining Summary Views
- Using the Work List module
- Conditional formatting
- Summary views in Data Entry
- Summary views in panel layouts
- Using queries
User management and audit trail

Day 5
Half dayNone- Defining user and groups
- System policies
- Add-ins
- Using the audit viewer

The courses listed in this section cover advanced functionality or additional InfoFlex modules:

These courses are suitable for advanced users who have understanding of InfoFlex system management.
It is essential that the pre-requisite courses have been completed for these courses.
CourseLengthPre- requisite knowledgeTopics covered
Pathway ViewerHalf dayDesign management 1 & 2- Defining a Pathway
- Displaying pathways in Data Entry
- Displaying pathways in the Work List module
- Pathway Blocks
– Pathway categories
– Display modes
Scheduler1 dayDesign management 1 & 2
- Scheduler definition and the Scheduler domain
- Using the Scheduler module:
- Grid and diary modes
- Creating sessions and time-slots
- Booking appointments
- Cancelling appointments
- Patient enquiries
- Refresh functions
Bed Manager1 dayDesign management 1 & 2
- Design requirements
- The Bed Manager domain – defining wards
- Bed Manager configuration
- Defining patient lists and tasks
– Using bed manager – viewing wards and patient lists,
moving patients into and out of beds, tasks.
InfoFlex Image CaptureHalf dayData entry
Design management
1 & 2
- Image items in InfoFlex
- Camera adjustments
- Capture mechanism functionality
- Using the footswitch
StudiesHalf dayDesign management
1 & 2
- Concept
- Domains without studies
- Creating studies
- Studies in data entry
– Methods of setting studies
– Viewing external events
Design migration1 dayDesign management
1& 2
- InfoFlex Design Import and Export tools
- DBPublisher
Data/ letter/ image migration1 dayDesign management 1 & 2- Data Import Wizard tools
- Letter Import Wizard tools
- Image Import Wizard tools
Advanced report definition1 dayDesign management
1 & 2
Report definition
- Complex Report Definition Functions including inking and joining complex repeating data sections

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User guides

All training course User Guides are available to download. Further User Guides covering additional training courses and advanced functionality are also available to download. New User Guides are made available when further functionality and modules are released.


System manager user guides:
Guide nameLink to PDF
InfoFlex Data EntryDownload PDF
InfoFlex Design Management 1Download PDF
InfoFlex Design Management 2Download PDF
InfoFlex Screen DesignerDownload PDF
InfoFlex Query Design ManagerDownload PDF
InfoFlex Data Analysis and Extract Add-InDownload PDF
InfoFlex Document DefinitionDownload PDF
InfoFlex Report Definition 1Download PDF
InfoFlex Work ListDownload PDF
InfoFlex User Management and Audit Trail User GuideDownload PDF

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Supplementary user guides:
Guide nameLink to PDF
InfoFlex Analytics – Chart ItemsDownload PDF
InfoFlex Functionality for NHS NumbersDownload PDF
InfoFlex Functions and ExpressionsDownload PDF
InfoFlex ImagesDownload PDF
InfoFlex Pathway ViewerDownload PDF
InfoFlex Spell CheckingDownload PDF
InfoFlex StudiesDownload PDF
InfoFlex Updating Calculated ItemsDownload PDF
InfoFlex Write back ActionsDownload PDF

Release notes

InfoFlex versionRelease dateRelease notes download
V5.70.010031/07/2017Download PDF
V5.70.012010/08/2018Download PDF
V5.70.012703/05/2019Download PDF
V5.70.013017/07/2019Download PDF
V5.70.0138 05/03/2020Download PDF
V5.70.013902/04/2020Download PDF